Writing Your Own Authentication React Components for Meteor

With Meteor new separating their accounts logic from Blaze, you might be wondering how to get your React Meteor app wired up to log users in and register new users. What I usually do, is completely throw out the Blaze Account UI template that is usually provided and instead role my own. The Login Form […]

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Speeding Up How You Write Your React Tests with Enzyme

Enzyme is a JavaScript testing utility for React by AirBnB that makes it easier to test by providing functions to help you assert, manipulate, and traverse your React components. It has documentation for how to use Enzyme with mocha, karma, jasmine, browserify, webpack, and more! In this post, we are going to use Mocha as our […]

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An Introduction to Flux

Flux is an application architcture invented by Facebook that is specifically for building client-side web applications. However, this application architecture can also be applied to React Native and the same methodologies can be applied to any rendering engine. The main goal of Flux is that data flows one way. Data Flow Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App […]

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Creating a P2P Chat Room Using Meteor

In our last article, we went over peer to peer (P2P) connections and how we can leverage WebRTC for sending data between two browsers. We will now apply this knowledge and create a P2P chat room where none of the data sent between the two browsers is stored except for on the client’s machines themselves. The Chat […]

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React with Meteor

React is a framework developed by Facebook that allows you to break up your view/presentation layer into components. These components are self-contained, self-handling, and deterministic, which allows for easy testing and less mental load on the developers working on them. React acts as the view/presentation layer of your application. A simple React component will look something […]

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Prototyping Your App With Meteor

  Meteor is an amazing platform for you to build and deploy a web application, iOS, and Android app. Getting started with Meteor is easy thanks to the plethora of tutorials and the helpful community surrounding it. This presentation focuses less on the coding aspect of Meteor, and more on the thought process behind planning […]

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Creating Meteor Packages – capsulecat:react-bem

The goal with creating the React BEM package is to take the work at cuzzo/react-bem and integrate it into Meteor. By using this code, we are able to use automatically generated BEM class names in our React components. So we can use SCSS and still write BEM code without having to waste time actually adding the BEM […]

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