Prototyping Your App With Meteor

  Meteor is an amazing platform for you to build and deploy a web application, iOS, and Android app. Getting started with Meteor is easy thanks to the plethora of tutorials and the helpful community surrounding it. This presentation focuses less on the coding aspect of Meteor, and more on the thought process behind planning […]

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Creating Meteor Packages – capsulecat:react-bem

The goal with creating the React BEM package is to take the work at cuzzo/react-bem and integrate it into Meteor. By using this code, we are able to use automatically generated BEM class names in our React components. So we can use SCSS and still write BEM code without having to waste time actually adding the BEM […]

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Creating Meteor Packages – capsulecat:commands

Every package begins with a goal, and capsulecat:commands is no different. The idea is to be able to use the Command Pattern in Meteor so that we can write reusable actions that we can dispatch synchronously, or asynchronously. Meteor Packages What is a Meteor Package? Very simply, it is a collection of files and assets […]

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