Usability Questions to Ask Yourself when Making your Website

Usability is importable to customers when they are using your website; so it should be your concern too when you are designing and creating your website. Consider these questions from the point of view of your visitors: Usability Is your site easy to use? Are you able to find what you need quickly for this […]

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Planning for Accessibility in Your Site

The web should be open and usable by all – this includes people with disabilities. Web accessibility means that the millions of people with disabilities that use the web can interact, understand, navigate, and contribute to websites. Here are a few easy questions to ask yourself to check if your website is accessible to people […]

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Designing for the User Experience

User Experience is one of the most important parts of web applications. The following are tips and questions to consider when working on your web application user interface. Test for Consistency Between Browsers Are there tests for consistency with: [ ] The Gecko engine – i.e. Firefox. [ ] The Webkit engine – i.e. Safari. […]

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A Web Standards Checklist for Deploying Your Site

Before launching your site, make sure it adheres to the basics of the web. In order to make your site launch seamless and implement the best practices, you should check that you are using GET and POST requests, validate your HTML ands CSS, redirect old pages correctly, and force UTF8. Check that GET and POST […]

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