With the JavaScript ecosystem evolving, is there a reason to use Meteor anymore? The JavaScript world is full of new tools, frameworks, and platforms to work with. Do we really need another platform for JavaScript? What are the advantages of using Meteor?

Meteor allows you to build apps quickly

Meteor gives you a radically simpler way to build realtime mobile and web apps, entirely in JavaScript from one code base. Here are some of the awesome advantages that Meteor gives you as a platform:

1. Meteor is All JavaScript

Everything you write in Meteor is JavaScript – the front end and the backend. You can also write HTML and style using CSS, but the logic, rendering, and models, etc are all written in JavaScript.

2. It’s Ready Out of the Box

When you download Meteor and create a new project, you are ready to start building. It comes with a build tool for you so you don’t have to worry about setting up a server and packaging assets. When you run Meteor, it also includes a database server as well

3. Blaze Templating is Included

Meteor comes with its own templating system that works very similarly to Handlebars, but has reactivity built into it – when the underlying data that the template is rendering changes, it automatically rerenders.

4. Awesome Packages to Use

Meteor has its own packaging system called AtmosphereJS that works amazingly well. Packages are autoloaded into the build pipeline for you.

5. Reactivity and Optimistic UI are Baked in

We mentioned this in the Blaze section, but Meteor has reactivity built into it. When the client’s browser attempts to make a change to the database, that change is instantly reflected on the user’s browser while simultaneously sending the change request to the server. Variables can be reactive so that they auto run functions when the underlying data model changes.

6. Free Servers for you to Deploy to

Meteor provides free public servers for you to deploy your application to for testing and prototyping. It’s as simple as writing the command: meteor deploy my-awesome-site.meteor.com and once uploaded, you can share your test URL around!

7. iOS and Android Support

Meteor includes the ability to create iOS and Android builds using the same JavaScript code that you have already written!